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Question about Variable

Hello, wanna ask something about the variable.

Screenshot 2024-05-04 002828.pngScreenshot 2024-05-04 002904.png

This is the sample program i made, the indicator show 0 when i didnt press the pushbutton and show 1 when i press it. however, it turn back to 0 when i release it, is there anyway to keep it as 1 when i release it and the value will keep increasing when i press it?

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Attaching an image does not tell us the entire story. Please attach your VI.


  • There is no toptlevel while loop. Are you using continuous run mode? Please don't!
  • What is the mechanical action of the switch?
  • Why are you using a local variable. Where is the terminal of that indicator?
  • In LabVIEW, the wire is the variable! Terminals are just UI devices.
  • To increment a value, you need to keep the current value in a shift register or feedback node.
  • etc. etc.


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See if this can give you some ideas:




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IF you go to the front panel and right click on the boolean control then select MECHANICAL ACTION there are a few options 


To do what you want you must select SWITCH WHEN PRESSED 


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@LVNinja wrote:

To do what you want you must select SWITCH WHEN PRESSED 


... But they said: "and the value will keep increasing when i press it?" That is " ... until released".


Nothing will be increasing without a shift register or feedback node and proper top-level architecture. 🙂


Of course it could also mean that it should increment by one for each press, in that case latch action would be correct 

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Hi, I'm sorry for not attaching VI


1. Yes, Im using continuous run mode, because i dont want the program to end in one run.

2. the mechanical action is switch when press

3. I put it somewhere else, it is not connected to anything. but the result will be the same even if i use the indicator.


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it is

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