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QD Shortcut - Selective Wire Cleanup

Another idea in the idea exchange has hit upon something in my "junk drawer" of QD shortcuts.  This time it is selective wire cleanup.  If you want to try this as a QD shortcut, unzip the following files and place them in the folder


 [LabVIEW 2009]\resource\dialog\QuickDrop\plugins


There are actually four methods of operation for the CleanSelectedWires, and only two choices for a given letter so I'll explain a little.


The first choice is whether or not to use the selection.  In this case I fix this to true to match the given idea.

The second choice is how aggressive to be.  Ctrl-Space+Ctrl-B (no shift) is not aggressive, it removes broken, but not void wires.  Pretty useful when you have tunnels that are unwired but would still like to remove some of the messy broken wires.  Ctrl-Space+Shift-Ctrl-B removes all forms of broken wires (like the default behavior, but in this case only for the selected wires).


You can modify to change the shift, no-shift behavior.

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Hey Darin,


Great-looking shortcut.  I just created a community page here to keep track of all the Quick Drop Keyboard Shortcuts people have been posting to the community.  Feel free to add any of yours (or anybody else's) that I haven't added yet.

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Great idea!  It looks like a slightly different mechanism.  If I understand correctly I add the link to the community page by editing it and then submit to 'The approvers' which I assume means you.
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That's right.  I also recommend posting future shortcuts as documents within the Quick Drop Enthusiasts community.



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