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Programmatic mouse control of a networked computer?


Is it possibly to programmatically control the mouse of a networked Windows computer that can't run the LV RTE?


Background and Motivation:

We're looking at getting a really cool microscope system from Keyence (the VHX-500F). This system can be configured to capture and save an image when the "Capture" button is pressed. However, it's a closed-source system, and they don't provide any public functions that allow remote control of the microscope software. So I'm trying to find a way around it. My idea is to move the mouse over the button and then simulate the mouse click, thus capturing the image and saving the file.


Their capture program runs on a Windows (XP I believe) computer, so I can access it via the network. I'm not sure if Remote Desktop is possible. Word, Excel, and some anti-virus software can be installed on the computer, but the LV RTE might not be possible. I'll ask about that. (if it can, then this problem becomes quite trivial)


My research thus far:

Controlling the mouse programmatically is easy with User32.dll (see this link). As mentioned before, if I can install the LV RTE on the computer running the capture software, then the problem is essentially solved.



So I ask: how can I control the mouse of a network computer?

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The VHX-500F does *not* run windows, but runs Linux instead and nothing can be installed on it. I was thinking the VHX-1000, Keyence's newest model.


This just makes the problem more fun!

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In the past there have been guides on getting a LabVIEW app running on a machine without having to run the installer. However, that was for earlier versions, and I don't know if they would even work with the current version of LabVIEW.


You said nothing can be installed on it. What about a programming running off a USB stick? Is that allowed? If so, you could write a program that's a TCP server, waiting for a connection from your computer to receive the "move mouse and click" command. It could then use the OS to perform that function. This program could be written in C.

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Another option is simply using a standard remote control program, such as VNC. I'm assuming there are some which can work without installation. If you still want to do it programmatically, you can then probably simulate the click in the local PC, although SM's local solution is more elegant.

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Hmm... Interesting solutions. Sadly I won't be able to get one of these microscope to play with for another few weeks. If one of these solutions happens to work, I'll be sure to come back and let everyone know.

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