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Process Control VI's for Associated Research Hypot Plus 5560DT

Good day one and all,

Has anyone had the need to develop VI's in order to control this
device through its remote I/O ports ?

Thanks for your consideration.

Rick Barry
Manufacturing & Test Engineering
Warner Power LLc
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Hey Rick! I know you posted this message 4 years ago....but did you ever find any VIs for the 5560DT?
-- Jason
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Hello again Rick! I created some drivers for the 6550DT if you are interested. I'll try and get some posted.
 Just out of curiousity, what happens when you send the query '?0' to your hypot over GPIB? The one I am currently working with just sends back nonsense. In fact, LabVIEW interprets the binary as funky ascii codes, but when I convert it back, the binary don't make any sense (for instance, it will claim there was an error command,the test failed, when it cleared passed). Just curious if you had run into this issue or if something is wrong with my hypot. The other commands such as '?7' to get the time or '?3" to get the withstand voltage work great. Have a great Easter Weekend!
-- Jason
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