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Problem resizing the height of table cells


I have a table with test results and I’d like to let the user to see the results details. Normally the rows have just 1 text line height. This way several results are shown at the same time and it’s easier to see how the test is going on. If the user wants to see the results details, the program expands the rows using “Autosizing Row Height” property.

Problem 1: using the “Autosizing Row Height”, the first blank row remains with the old height Smiley Surprised (see attached VI, I included a delay to show this).
To simulate:

1)      Run the VI;
2)      When a new line appears on the normal mode, click on the “Autosize” button;
3)      Table is resized, but the first blank not;

Problem 2: to return to the normal display (1 text line rows), I’m erasing the table, disabling autosize, reactivating autosize, disabling autosize and writing the table again. I could not figure out a better solution. Does anyone know another way?

LV7.1 <> W2K
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Anyone? Don't be shy Smiley Tongue
LV7.1 <> W2K
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Oh alright then!
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Thank you, David! Smiley Happy
I didn't know about that with "Active cell" property we could change all the table. In fact, I had searched the LV help for the "Select cell" property.Smiley Indifferent
You got your stars Smiley Wink
LV7.1 <> W2K
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