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Problem representing signals in an oscilloscope using while loop

Hi everyone, I'm a young engineer student and I often use labview to create signals and visualize them in a common oscilloscope. PC and oscilloscope are connected one another thanks to a NI capture card with analog input and analog output. To generate the signal on Labview I use a "simulate signal" block inside of course a "while loop" in the block diagram. My problem is the following: the signal appears on the screen of the oscilloscope but it is distorted at some istants, more precisely in the istants when a loop ends and a new one begins. I think it may be a problem with the transferring of the samples generated by the "simulate signals" between two consecutive loops, but I don't know how to fix this. Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks for the time and the help.

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@LorenzoParrabbi99 wrote:

 Can anyone give me a hand? Thanks for the time and the help.

Unless you show us your code, we cannot really tell what's wrong.


(Simulate signal is an express VI. Do you mostly use express VIs and dynamic data? What determines the loop rate? etc.)

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