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Problem in controlling netwrok published shared variable in labview real time on cRIO



I am trying to use a network published share variable in labview real time on cRIO 9012.


I can view the variable in NI Distributed System Manager and control the variable through it but when I try to control the variable in the host VI, ie, a VI in My Computer and not the real time target(cRIO), it cannot be done. 


The change in its value is being seen on the host VI but not on the real time target


The reference type of the variable I slected is absolute. 


Awaiting a solution. 




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Where is your variable hosted? On the PC or on the CompactRIO?

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The variable is created in cRIO. But is controlled using a VI hosted on PC. Am I wrong in doing so? 

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Hi Lahari,


Overall, that sounds like the correct thing to do.


  1. When you update the variable in your VI, do you see any changes in the Distributed System Manager?
  2. Can you post your .lvproj file and VI?
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Read this Shared Variable Applications


...and check your <rt_exe>.aliases file. If your Shared Variable Engine (SVE) resides on the PC, it's IP should be saved here.


For debug disable your local firewall.


Hope it helps


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