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Print report error

When i add a table with records more than 500 rows to the report and print it to pdf with FreePdfXP, an Error-Dialog shew up with the note " Error: -2147352567 occurred at failed to open printer". After clicking on the button "Stop" an other dialog shew up with "Fatal Internal Error: "drawmgr.cpp", line 3504 LabVIEW Version 7.1". Then the complete Labview programme was shut down.
When the number of the rows doesn't exceed 500, the printing report works without error. But by the second time of printing report the error shew up again when the total rows of records at first and second time of printing report are more than 500.
Can anyone give me some suggestion,  thank you in advance.
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Hello Kay0030,

at first the problem could be solved by using another pdf-printer. I use the defaultprinter and created a program which generates a table with more than 500 rows and finally prints it to pdf. May be you change your printer in LabVIEW, or you have to make sure that FreepdfXP is used as defaultprinter.
Does the error still appear if you print it to the usual hardware printer?
If you checked all these points but still need help, I got a working program for you and also a pdf-file.

I hope this helps you.
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