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Polarimetric Sensor

I had posted this earlier but apparently there was a problem with the attached VI. This si the corrected version and will open in LabVIEW 8.

Please refer to the attached VI and the excel sheet.
As I run the VI and vary the pressure through the dial, SOP values are generated and plotted against time. Now as soon as the SOP value crosses -0.21, an alarm goes on. It switches off when I lower the pressure. I want to calculate for how much time the alarm remains ON.
Secondly, the generated SOP values correspond to certain pressure values as stored in the excel sheet. How do I compare the generated SOP with the pressure values. Basically I want a graph to show me what is the corresponding pressure. Right now I am directly plotting P v/s SOP in the VI. But in reality, I will just know the values of SOP and will have to what pressure it corresponds to. Moreover I have to pass this info to a program in matlab. So how do I achieve this??

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And here is the excel file.
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Did we address this in another thread?  If so, let's use that thread exclusively for this.
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