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Polar Graph cannot handle Waveforms in NXG 3.0.2

Bug got probably introduced in NXG 3.0.x, since it still worked in NXG 2.1 as long as I can remember.

See Snippet and corresponding front panel. Seems that something is going wrong with the dt value.




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Hello schoffel,


Thanks for pointing this out. I tried it in my side and saw the different behavior between 2.1 and 3.0.2.


I have filed Corrective Action Request (CAR) 736432 to address this inconsistency.



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Does wiring a waveform to a Polar Graph have some notable value for you? Would it be harmful if we disabled this capability?

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Hi, this was actually very valuable. The scenario is the following:


We are collecting data from a distance sensor dependent on the rotation of a shaft. The output is an array with the data for all angle values (with a varying Delta). It is therefore possible to have for example 3600 values with a delta of 0.1 degree for one rotation of the shaft. The trick was now to set dt to 0.1 to scale that data to a total distance of 360 data points (and thus one round in the polar graph).


Maybe it is a misuse of the polar graph but perfectly working for us.


Best regards,


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Sounds like enough of a reason for us to correct the issue properly. Thanks for the info!

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