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Please help me!


How do i enable the VISA code generation type in Instrument I/O assistant?

What does the error "VISA Status code: bfff0015" mean?

How do i communicate with other PC using LV with serial RS232?

How do i configure the USB setting using LV?

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1. If you are referring to the kind of code the I/O assistant will generate, it will generate VISA code, where the case you may have an option is for a GPIB resource (in which case you can generate code which implements the communication using the GPIB/NI-488.2 API).

2. Error Code BFFF0015 means "Timeout expired before operation completed."

3. You can use the VISA API and simply specify an RS-232 port to communicate with for the resource name. I have attached a program which will show you how to do a loopback test (write to and read from the same serial port; connect/wire pins 2 and 3, and then run the attached program).

4. I am not sure what you mean by "configure the USB setting using LV" but if you are new to USB and LabVIEW the following two links will be great starting points:

a. What is USBTMC and how can I Communicate to my USB Instrument Using NI-VISA?

b. How Can I Communicate With a Device Using NI-VISA USB RAW Mode?

Hope this helps you get a good start using VISA and LabVIEW! Repost if you have further questions!

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