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Passing a String to TestStand 3.1?

Hey Everyone,
     I'm writing a GUI interface in Labview 7.1 and cant seem to pass a string to TestStand. i need to be able to pass a filename and a root directory (i.e. 2 separate strings) from Labview textboxes (or equiv) to two variables set in a TestStand sequence.
Any ideas???? 🙂
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Hi BK,

Are you trying to pass these values from a code module being called in a step of a particular sequence? Or from an "Operator Interface" that runs a variety of different sequences?
It sounds like the latter. If that's the case, you'll want to pass your information back to TestStand using a UIMessage. You can find a good example of using UIMessages here:

If you simply want to pass string values from a code module being called by a particular step, the easiest way is to pass the values through the connector pane of your VI back to variables within TestStand, which you can specify in the Specify Code Module window.

Hope this helps BK, have a good one!
Dan Weiland
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Hi Dweiland,

     Thanks for the info! What I'm really trying to do is initiate 2 variables (An Excel filename & root directory = Strings) in a TestStand Sequence BEFORE the main sequence is run (if possible). I have all of the .vi files completed and everything works great! However, I want to use the separate OI I'm working on to specify different excel files before running any uuts,etc. I cant access local variables if TS isn't running (obviously 🙂 ), so I've been trying to send the strings to StationGlobals instead. The only other thing I can think of would be to write the filename to a text, then read it into TS one the UUT control button is preseed.

I'll look into the UIMessages you mentioned and go from there. If you have any further suggestions, please let me know!


Thanks Again,


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Hi Bk,

StationGlobals will most likely work. A couple of other thoughts - if the reason you want to do this before you MainSequence is because you need to use those variables within your MainSequence - you might want to consider doing this in either the Setup step group of your main sequence, or if that's not early enough - using Process Callbacks to set the variables before the MainSequence Callback is executed.

You can find out some more information at the following KB, as well as Chapter 10: Customizing Process Models and Callbacks within the TestStand Reference Manual.

Have a good one Bk!
Dan Weiland
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