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Parametric modeling of front panel design

Dear readers,


I am a newbie to Labview but i have a suggestion for the way we design front panels.

I think this could save a lot of time for people who design a lot of the same systems of have a base template for the frontpanel.


The idea is to be able to parametric design the front panels with constrains like with Fusion360 or Inventor without the need of programming.

Like putting a constrain on some buttons that they keeps the same distance from eachother and keeping them aligned even after you moved one of them.

I know with some workarounds you could achieve the same, but i think the option could save some people a lot of time.


With kind regards,


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That sounds like a good idea but why? an example of how it is useful for you will be helpful to relate to.


Look this up, there is a toolkit that does somewhat you ask for -


IMO, every FP is designed for the task and not often duplicated to keep the parametric exactly. Many times, it might be fine to reorder and change dimensions as long as the UX is good.

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