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PS3 controller

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i have a ps3 controller. i have dowloaded latest MotionJoy drivers to communicate with laptop.and it works fine with widows vista. however when i try to use labview to acquire input from the controller,it does not detect the controller.

why is labview not detecting the controller even thought i have placed all the right block diagrams to initialise joystick, acquire data, close,and i also tried the query input block diagram.

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Could you post some code, please?


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i have attached the VI. 


1) it first tries to get the device id of the joystick.


2) then you can input that id and it should show the controller movement info.


but when i run this program,it does not even detect my controller. when i tried doing the same thing with mouse, it worked perfectly(with mouse block diagrams).

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Hi Zee20, Welcome to the NI discussion forums!


While I'm not familiar with the motioninjoy drivers for PC. I believe the PS3 controller must be detected in the "devices and printers" (Windows 7) or "game controllers" (XP) first before it can be seen in LabVIEW. Is this the case? If not, MotionInJoy should be configured in a "local" offline mode instead of over the internet.


Ben Clark
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Hi Zee20


I found a DualShock 3 controller so thought I'd play around with this to see what I could get from using these drivers. If you're using MotionInJoy I have made a community example containing subVIs which you can use in your own projects to gain full control of your controller.


Ben Clark
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