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PPL with dll dependency gives gives load warning

I am using the Exaprom PDF library in my project and since it's quite big, I've made it into a PPL. This works well, but I always get a "Dependancy loaded from new path" warning whenever I load a project containing the PPL. It seems that the DLL is linked in some places to the original path instead of the new path where the PPL is located.


How can I make sure that all links to the DLL are to the new location? I have tried it with "exclude dependent DLLs" on and off, with no difference. Does anyone use this libray as a PPL without this problem?



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What I do is have the DLL in the builds directory.  Then build the PPL also into the builds directory with the "exclude dependent libraries" checked.  The important thing here is that the PPL must have dependencies retain relative paths.

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When I tried that I get the error:

Cannot build the application because the following source files are in the destination directory. You must build the application to a different directory from the source files.

I have both all exclude options on:


The strange thing is that when I build the PPL like before (with the dependency warning) and add the PPL to a project, itextsharp.dll (the culprit here) appears 2 times in the dependencies list (the original in the source and the one in the build folder).



The one in the source folder shouldn't be there. It is being called by some classes in the library (there are some .net refnum in the their private data). How can I fix this?

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