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PC-TIO-10 Driver Causes Fatal Error in Win98

I have an intel 333 MHz system with the intel 440 chipset running windows 98. I have installed labVIEW 5.1 and NI-DAQ 6.9.3. I am trying to install a PC-TIO-10 card, however, every time I attempt to install the driver (using the "add hardware" function as per the instructions in other threads) I get a blue screen saying a fatal error has occured. Any ideas?
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1.  Ancient PC

2.  Ancient OS

3.  Ancient LabVIEW version

4.  Ancient DAQ drivers

5.  Ancient DAQ card.


In theory, this all could be made to work together if is was 1999.  Smiley Very Happy

In 2009, very few people would have recent enough experience to help you troubleshoot this.  Good Luck.

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