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Operating a non-NI DAQ over ethernet with Labview

I am currently trying to use a non-NI DAQ to take data over a network using Labview 2012. The DAQ is originally programmed to be accessed through a WSDL(web service), but I can't seem to get this started in Labview. It won't accept my URL. So I'm hoping that you could help me with this, or alternatively, have some other idea of how to communicate with this DAQ.

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It would help if you could post what the exact DAQ Device you're using is. National Instruments has a variety of third party drivers available at In terms of Web Services there are these two documents you can look at for some basic information.


1) LabVIEW Web Services FAQ

2) Webs Services in LabVIEW


When you're saying it won't accept your URL, are you getting a specific error code, or text that you could post to the forums? 

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The error message says that the format of the URL is wrong, when I input http://acq2216-, it says it should look like http://localhost/test/good.asmx?WSDL. Should I not be using the DAQ's IP? And what Proxy information should I be using? Is it the DAQ's, the networks, or the computer that we are accessing it from? I checked the forums, they don't have any information for this issue. The DAQ model is ACQ216, from D-TACQ. 

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Are you using their example code?

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Yes, I tried using their example code, but I can't get any of their methods to work, and so I'm wondering whats wrong. I can't get the webservice to work in my version of labview, and I can't get NIMAX to connect either. Any idea whats going on? In my last message I mentioned exactly what Labview gave me as an error message.


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What DAQ device are you using? What labVIEW version are you using? Do you have NI-VISA installed? 

You need to use the exact format LabVIEW suggests otherwise you wont't be able to communicate correctly.

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I'm using an ACQ216 model DAQ, Labview 2012, and yes NI-VISA is installed. But for some reason I can't get either the webservice to see the DAQ or NIMAX.

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Again  make sure you follow the correct format I mentioned earlier. 

Take a look at this too

Also try contacting the other company and see if their DAQ is compatible with LabVIEW. 


There is also a CAR(Corrective Action Request) 338462 filed for the error and as of now this is the workaround for it.  Just look at the formatting suggestion below.


It is possible to modify the URL string by adding a false parameter, etc. and then the tool will allow the user to move to the next step.http://localhost/test/good.asmx?WSDL



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