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Open socket timeout error

Sometime I can write to the local shared variable through data socket. But sometime cannot. Even though, I still can read/write through shared variable monitor. The error is in the open socket, said connect to peer timeout. I set timeout to 10s or left blank both not work. I am using 8.2.1 on vista. The computer has 2 lan ports. I met almost same case long time ago. I solved it by diable NETBIOS and one of the lan port. This time, I disabled netbios already. But in vista, seems not able to disable the other lan port. Any suggestion?
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hi turbot,

I had same problem of timeout error.just check if system Firewall is on or off if it is on then make it off and then run the program.i don't know how much this will help you,it helped me.






Gaurav k
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firewall already off, 😞
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