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Not able to press Tab in Web Page with help of IWebBrowser2



I would like to press the tab on a web page tab that doesn´t have a direct URL. I read somewhere that ths could be achieved with the Navigate2 method in IWebBrowser2. Unfortunately I am not so good with HTML language. I have use Google Chromes Inspect function to try to get a comnmand to the web tab. See attachments. It is the "Line-ups" tab i want to press programmatically on.


Other possible solutions I have read about is with the click method on the web element but I have also failed trying that.


Any suggestions are apreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Hello RealBjörkis,


Have you had a look at the example linked below? While it is not exactly what you are asking, I think it is onto something. Please review the property/invoke nodes used to interact with the HTML code.



What was it that failed when using the click method? I would believe that to be a valid approach as well.


Best regards,


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Hello cbwestl,

Thanks for your tips.

Yes, I was initially looking at that example and I failed at the click method since Error 97 appeared:

"LabVIEW: a null or previously deleted refnum was passed in as an input"  

See attachments with the VI that is a simplification from your link ( (I don´t need to input a text to a field). Other attachment is the error message.


Probably it doesn´t  encounter any of the names (lineups or Line-ups) that i input to the name-input of IHTMLElementCollection. Could it be that this method is reserved for a button and not a Tab?

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Hmm, I am not that experienced with the APIs you are using.


But the click method seems to be related to objects, so I cannot find any reason why it would not work for a tab.


You need to make sure that you are extracting the object reference correctly. The error you are seeing seems to be related to not having found the correct element.



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