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NIPALK Unsafe Removal of Device

About once a day I get a Windows error message claiming "Unsafe Removal of Device: NIPALK". I can close the dialog box and continue working, but this is getting annoying. Several other members of my company have experienced this problem on a variety of computer systems -- both laptops and desktops. LabView is frequently not running, and there does not seem to be a pattern to when the error appears. Does anybody have experience with this error?
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NI knows of this problem and is working on it. There is a workaround for 2000 of adding a phantom non pnp device like a daqpad-1200 to your computer. (Goto the NI support page for DAQ installation to details) You may want to email support with additional information like your OS, special hardware, and your method for putting LabVIEW on the computers.
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This happens to me too. I see a reply (from 2003) says NI is aware but a search of the site reveals no page about this problem. Is there a solution?

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you or someone used an old NI device on that computer and unplugged it unsafely. One of the ways you can get rid of this error is to replug that device in and uninstall it from the control panel.
If you need further support, email NI support.
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