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NI hypertrend resizing on a browser

I am publishing NI hypertrend on a browser using the web-publishing tool. The problem is when I open the browser on a different machine with a different resolution everything gets resized except for the NI Hypertrend. When I created the application I set all the options on the window size property. When I open the browser on the machine I created the application everything looks fine. Can anyone help? By the way I am using LabVIEW DCS 7.1.
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The KnowledgeBase entitled Using NI Hypertrend and Alarm & Event Display with Remote Panel says that,

" This is a known behavior you are seeing. In general in LabVIEW, you cannot view ActiveX controls or objects when using Remote Panel. ActiveX controls embedded on a front panel do not display on a remote client because they draw and operate almost completely independently of LabVIEW. The NI Hypertrend object and the Alarm & Event Display are ActiveX based. Thus they are not supported in Remote Panel. Try using non-ActiveX objects such as the Historical Trend indicator or the Alarm Summary Display Listbox instead."

Here is a related discussion forum that reflects how this object will not work with remote panels...

Browser can't load HyperTrend in a Remote Panel Application

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news!  You might have to use the Historical Trend indicator to meet your application needs.


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