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NI cRIO-9004 safemode improper installation

We are now working with 'CompactRIO Real-Time Controller - NI cRIO-9004', and facing many problems.


hardwares we're using:
CompactRIO Real-Time Controller - NI cRIO-9004
chassis: cRIO-9104
modules: NI 9472, NI cRIO-9411, NI cRIO-9221


Softwares we're using:
    NI LabVIEW Core Software
    Extended Development Suite
    Control and Embedded Systems Software
    Signal Processing and Communications Software
NI Device Drivers DVD August 2010
NI MAX updated to 5.6


developer computer: Windows 7 profesional.


our Problem:
Use NI MAX connect cRIO-9004, it displays "Safemode (improper installation)". I installed the software for cRIO-9004 for several times, it still display this information.
Besides, the 'Status LED' on cRIO-9004 flashes two times continually, which means software is interrupted according to the manual.

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Have you tried reformating the cRIO-9004 and reinstalling the software on it? I've attached an article that goes over how to do this.


Let me know if this helps, it should.

Rob B
FlexRIO Product Manager
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Thank you, Rob.

I've reformat the controller for several times. It still didn't work. Always the same problem appeared, i.e. "safemode improper installation". 

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Can you double check the physical dip switches on the controller and ensure that the "Safe Mode" switch hasn't been inadventently switched to the "On" position? Also, what versions of NI-RIO and LabVIEW Real-Time are you currently using?

Rob B
FlexRIO Product Manager
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