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NI cDAQ-9184 (Ethernet) not detected with Labview 2016


Hello everybody,

I am trying to set up a new installation with Labview 2016 but MAX cannot see any connected rack and adding it manually is not possible for some reason.

I also have another installation with Labview 2014 connected to the same cDAQ-9184 and it works well.

My guess is that something might be missing in the 2016 setting ?

Please see below the two NI MAX repport.  

Could anybody give me some clue?

Should I also update the firmware within the cDAQ-9184 ?


(NI-dQAmx 17 was installed afterward and both PC are under Windows 7)


Many thanks in advance




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I believe you should try the next few things:

  1. Disable any firewall/antivirus you might have in your computer. Reboot after this step, both the computer and the cDAQ.
  2. Run NI-MAX in administrator mode (right click > Run as administrator).
  3. I see you just have "NI-DAQmx Device Driver" under the software of the machine that´s not working for you. You might want to reinstall the DAQmx driver to make sure you get all three elements: "Device Driver, MAX configuration, and ADE Support". More information here: Can't Find Some DAQmx Functionality After Installing NI-DAQmx Drivers


If these steps don't help. You might want to follow this guide for Network cDAQ Troubleshooting Resources.


Let us know your results. All the best,

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The NI-DAQmx Device Driver was not propely installed for some reason.

I did it again and the problem is now solved.


Many thanks for your help!

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