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NI-Visa installer dont work on some windows XP

I built a installer on the vi attached,  the vi has a serial input function.


The additonal installers I ticked are NI LabView Run-Time Engine 8.6.1, and NI-VISA runtime 4.4. :womansurprised:


I notice that in some PCs with Windows XP, the installer runs fine. On some XP PCs the NI-VISA doesn't function; it cannot detect any serial input, but hyperterminal still can detect the serial input though. On one PC it ran fine for a while then the NI-VISA suddenly kaput on a second restart of the exe.


I suspect the problem PCs may have had too many programs installed, and there is corruption in the registery or somewhere, causing the NI-VISA to malfunction. But I am not sure....(what if I send the 120mb installer to some customer in a offshore platform and its NI-VISA dont work, that would suck  :womansad:  ).


So guys, do you have any experience like this? Usually what is the main cause? Advance thanks.  :womanwink:




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I have never encountered the problem that you are experiencing.  Make sure that when you run your .exe, that all other programs that use the serial port are shutdown.  Make sure that your .exe releases the com port before leaving memory.

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The last time I built an installer with VISA runtime, it was installed on several hundred XP machines with only two or three problems. I would recomend you include MAX in the installer and determine why no serial ports are detected. If nothing is listed in MAX, you might want to look to see if you have the visaconf.ini in the correct place and it lists the resources. My problem was with some pc's with an older version previously installed and the system actually had two files in different locations.
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