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NI Update of LabVIEW -- Trojan detected?



Having recently upgraded to LabVIEW 10, I installed the new NI Update software (after another Forum message gave that as the solution to a hanging NI Updater dialog). I ran the Updater, which came up with a few critical updates. I told it to go ahead.


While loading the following file (ten minutes ago):


my Kaspersky (AV 6) virus software has just claimed that the file contains "HEUR:Trojan.Win32.Generic", and has halted the download, waiting on my decision to junk the file or proceed.


I'm assuming that this is a false positive....... but can someone confirm that this is the case?


Many thanks,

   Peter Reid

   University of Edinburgh

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99.99% of the time these are false positives. NI checks their software for viruses before making them available.


If it helps, there was an apparent update of virus signatures by multiple vendors. My Symantec Antivirus started claiming that some software on my PC suddenly had Trojans. They don't.

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