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NI PXI-4060 driver ERROR

Can't get NI max to detect the NI PXI-4060 driver, which is a DMM. I have installed NI-dmm 16.0 and DAQ-MX drivers onto the pc but still no luck. Is there some type of driver I am missing that is specific for the PXI-4060?


I attached a picture of the error that NI max gives me about the PXI card.

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It looks like that DMM is an older card, and is not supported in NI-DMM 16.0. I looked in the Readme as seen below and found no information regarding this card.

NI-DMM 16 Readme


However, 15.0 still offers some support for this card, although its only supported on Windows XP 32 bit. This can be seen in the

NI-DMM 15 Readme



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I'm a little curious on this question as well. I ran into the same problem with my PXI-4060. This Knowledge Base article clearly states that the 4060 isn't supported with any drivers higher than 15, However, The NI-DMM 17.1 download page,, has both the PCI and PXI-4060 listed as supported hardware. I'm assuming that the knowledge base article is right since my device isn't working, but now thanks to that NI-DMM driver page, I've got some hardware that probably won't work with the rest of my system.


Can anyone explain that discrepancy? 

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The issue is most likely with the download page not being up to date. If you look at the readme on the download page, the 4060 cards are not listed. I would default to the readme since that will have the most up to date information most of the time.

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