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NI PCIe-6341 Status code -88705



One of our customers recently got an error code -88705 on his PCIe-6341 card. The whole card seems unresponsive and the only thing i can get from NI MAX is whats the below screenshot.


Most things are grayed out, only device pinout, refresh and configure buttons are available. Configure button returns this:




I can't find this error code online, does anyone know what it might be?

The error suggests poor connection? Could the card get dislodged from it's slot due to computer vibrations or something like that?


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Thanks, i will try.

The advice is for cDAQ chasis tho, i don't know if it will work for this card, which is plugged directly into a computer.


We've had a similar error happen recently and resetting the NI-MAX database helped with that issue. It has never happened before as far as i know and drivers haven't been updated either (the application was made with Labview 2018). 

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Well i reset the NI MAX database and now it doesn't even detect the card... Could the card be dead?



I followed this knowledgebase article:


the card does not appear in windows device manager and NI Device Loader was running. From this i assume the card is dead, unless someone has any other ideas?

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