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NI Example couldn't read host name of computer for OPC item URL

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Hey guys,


I'm working with Monitor OPC Items with This is an NI LabVIEW example. I'm having a problem reading the hostname of a computer on a network from the computer which is running this VI. It looks like there isn't a network issue since we can move files around these two computers and we also can ping each other. And we also can put an IP address in Browse host box and hit ok to get the OPC tags from the network computer. It's just the application couldn't read the hostname of the network computer. Any advice on this issue would be appreciated by heartily. 




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Hey Jatin,


Are you receiving any errors within the VI?  The VI is pretty simple so troubleshooting should be straightforward.  I would try running LabVIEW as Admin and turning off your firewalls?




Ben Johnson
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Hey Bear :),

I didn't get any errors within VI and I was running LabVIEW as admin and my firewalls were off. Eventually, I figured out a way to do it is by cleaning up the cache memory for dns. I ran following commands to do it. 



netstat -R

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