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NI ELVIS 2 AC Voltage generation and measurement

I am brand new to using Labview and need to design a code to supply a AC Voltage that I can change, then measure the voltage coming out. I am using this to conktrol a speaker and have been working on it for days, but have come up with nothing useful. I need to use a sinusoidal wave using AC voltage that I can run at a specific amplitude, frequency, and AC voltage. If anyone has an example code that would be very helpful?


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Have you taken any tutorials or instruction in LabVIEW?  [There are some learning paths on the first page of this Forum].  You mention an ELVIS 2, which you can connect to your PC and use to generate voltages (through a Digital-to-Analog, or D/A, circuit) that match "waveforms" that you generate with LabVIEW.


Have you been introduced to MAX, the Measurement and Automation Explorer, that is part of LabVIEW?  [You should have a MAX Icon on your PC's screen along with the LabVIEW icon].  Have you had any instruction on how to use MAX in conjunction with the ELVIS?  Among other things, you can create Test Panels and see if you can make the ELVIS generate a test Waveform.  Then all you have to do is to learn enough LabVIEW that you can use a Waveform Generation function to make the sinusoidal Waveform you want to "Feed" to ELVIS.


So learn a bit of LabVIEW first, then learn a bit about connecting LabVIEW to hardware (Getting Started in DAQmx) and write a little code and try it out with your ELVIS.


Bob Schor

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