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NI-DAQmx crash on Max "add task" or LV "DAQ Assist"... LVBroker?

Sorry for the slight confusion, but I'm trying to diagnose by proxy.  Got a student in class with LV 2014 installed, who installed NI-DAQmx (I believe 16.1; he said "latest version").  Windows 7 SP1; sorry the data is a little slim but I didn't have much time to diagnose today.


Any time he drops a "DAQ Assist" Vi onto his block diagram, LabVIEW crashes pretty instantly; in the "details" of the crash I believe it mentioned "NiMAXLVBroker" (something like that--did not directly mention LVBroker.dll or any dll).  We can get the same crash to happen by opening up Max (not sure of version right now; didn't have time to write everything during class) and trying "Add task".


The DAQ (a USB-6251) does show up in Max, and "self-test" works fine.  It does NOT pull up the "NI Device Monitor Device Detected" dialog when plugging it in.


We did try "add/remove programs-> repair installation", recommended several times on forums, and he reported no luck from that.


Any ideas?  I need a fix relatively fast, as he'll start being affected in class pretty quickly.  I'm preparing a secondary laptop, but if all the students in the next semester with the same issued computer have the same problem, it'll be pretty tricky to deal with.

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As you know, LabVIEW is "version-specific", and works best when all the software is consistently in a single version.  Device drivers are a little different -- they are often at least partly backward compatible, so NI DAQmx 2016 might work with LabVIEW 2014.


Do you have the 2014 Academic Kit?  If so, I might advise removing any LabVIEW 2016 software identified in Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs, National Instruments Software.  I think DAQmx is on one of the 3 or 4 DVDs that constitute the LabVIEW installation disks.  [Oh, I might be able to look it up ... Yes, DAQmx is on Disk 3 of the Fall 2014 disk set].  Install 2014 DAQmx, and use the August 2014 Device Drivers disk to install the Device Drivers (if you've already installed the 2016 drivers, it is probably OK ...).

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