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NI DAQmx Digital Output Trigger To Start Analog Input Task

Hi everyone.  I am using the NI DAQmx VIs to set a digital output line low (boolean '0').  I want to begin reading an Analog Input voltage (Start Analog Input Voltage reading task) right after the digital output line is set low.  I am using the DAQmx Start Trigger (Digital Edge).vi to try and do this.  I have the digital edge to trigger off a falling edge since the digital output line is being set low.  I am using "do/SampleClock" as the source into the DAQmx Start Trigger (Digital Edge).vi.  


I don't have the DAQ card (PXI 6229) since someone else is using it but I wanted to write up the SW so that when it becomes available I can have SW to try out.


I have attached the VI.  Am I setting up this VI correctly?




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I think you are going to have to wire that Digital Output to a PFI line on the card with the Analog Input(s).  You then trigger on that PFI line.

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I figured I could just send a Digital Output and that would create a Digital Output trigger to inform the Analog Input Voltage Readings task to begin.  That won't work?

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