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NI-9862 module not working properly with hybrid mode



I have cRio 9035. And I'm using NI 9862 C module to read CAN messages from car CAN bus. Also, I have other C modules to read/write analog signals. So, I need to have FPGA code for that purpose. 


However, NI 9862 module only works in scan mode. As a workaround, I'm using hybrid mode, in which I added the CAN module under "Real-Time Scan Resources" in LabView project (snapshot attached). That worked fine, and I manged to create nxSession (using XNET drivers) from cpp code. However, the CAN module seems to be not responding and I'm unable to see any CAN messages coming thru it. 


I tried to deploy cRio into scan mode, and I was able to see CAN messages correctly. But using this mode will block me from accessing other modules thru FPGA code.


Any suggestions?




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What do you mean by creating nxSession (using XNET drivers) from cpp code? Are you using the NI-XNET API for LabVIEW Real-Time? I do not see a LabVIEW Real-Time VI added under your cRIO-9035 in the image you attached.


Did you follow the steps described in this Knowledge Base article to configure your cRIO in Hybrid Mode?






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We have a VI (carControl) under FPGA target that does the interfacing between analog modules and variables used in RT c++ code. There is no logic related to the CAN module in that VI.


The CAN module is initialized and used thru RT c++ code. Here's the code snippet for initializing an XNET session with the CAN module:


#include <nixnet.h>


nxStatus_t l_Status  = nxCreateSession(l_pSelectedDatabase, l_pSelectedCluster,
l_pSelectedFrameList, l_pSelectedInterface, nxMode_FrameInStream,


Am I missing anything in LV part?




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