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NI 9401 specification 100ns



I have got a simple question about the specification of NI 9401. What does the "100ns" of NI 9401 means? I know 100ns refers to 100 nanosecond but what is it about? Is it a sample rate? Or rise time? Or something else?


Please help me.

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The maximum clock rate is 10MHz, the inverse of this is 10ns.

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Hi Trainee123,


This specification refers to the maxim speed at what you can actually read or write to a digital line of the module. That means that  It would take you at least 100 ns to turn a digital output of the module ON or to turn it OFF.

Your program, the hardware you use ( FPGA, cDAQ, etc..), OS, etc...  affect the final execution time but you should consider the hardware/module  limitations as well before deciding what module is appropriate for your application.


Erwin Franz

Certified LabVIEW Architect, Certified TestStand Developer
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