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My installer is not moving my source file to the destination folder, why?

In LV 2010, I've built and executable and also built an installer to go along with it.  The installer loads the RTE as well as MAX, DAQmx drivers, etc.  When run on a fresh PC where the RTE, etc needs to get installed, all gets installed and the application exe gets moved to the destination folder as expected.


My problem comes when the RTE is already on a computer.  When I run the installer, it launches, initializes, shows the destination directory, and quickly goes through the progress bar to show completion (as I'd expect without all the loads needed).  But my updated executable doesn't get written to the destination directory.  When run a second time, the installer states "No Software will be installed or removed" and only lets you cancel it, again with no files moved.  All this would be fine if it would still move my updated executable to the destination.


I've looked everywhere I could think of on the installer build to find a setting to allow this to happen, but nothing even looks close.  What am I missing here?

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Was the system you were installing to already have your program installed, too?  If so, do you have the EXE builder and installer builder version numbers incrementing?


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Yes, target system did have the program installed on it.  It is intended to increment version #s, but I'm not certain I did increment the version of the exe on the build during my recent install runs.  I will try that to see if it makes a difference.  I definitely did not auto-increment the installer build #.


However, in a last ditch effort before leaving for the day, I deleted all files from the destination folder, so there was nothing present there period.  No versions to compare or dates or anything.  Nothing was replaced there when I re-ran the installer.  So that makes me skeptical of whether incrementing the version will work.  I'll give it a try and let you know.

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Ok, pulled onto another portion of the project for a while...


Anyway, I made sure both the exe and the installer were updated to a subsequent version #.  Then re-ran the installer (in the condition where the files were deleted from the drive location of the destination folder) and nothing installed again.


If I go through the uninstall process, then the installer will work correctly.  This lead my to the registry which I think is the key.  If the software is still shown in the registry, (it seems) the installer won't do anything, and when not present runs correctly.  I will test this on a separate machine since I'm hesitant about playing with the registry on my development machine, and post my findings.


If anyone can confirm this is similar to their experience with the installer, I'd appreciate it. 

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