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My executable VI runs immediately upon launch. How can I stop this?

In my application, the operator must enter front panel fields for information such as IP address.  But before that can happen, the VI "auto runs."  Since there is not a valid IP address, the VI starts spewing error messages.  Not cool for a production tester.



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If you are building an application you WANT the application to run when you launch it, right? Why would you force the user to hit some run button to make the app run? The problem is your design. Your VI should sit there waiting for the operator to press some "Go" or "Start" button. Your app should then validate all inputs and then tell the operator if there's something wrong, and go back to waiting for the input values to be fixed.


I would recommend spending some time looking over some standard design architectures, such as the state machine (Application Design Patterns: State Machines) or the producer-consumer architecture (Application Design Patterns: Producer/Consumer).

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