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Multiple page word doc from single page template?



I'm working on a system which needs to generate a detailed report of multiple findings, ideally in MS Word. Each finding would have a page in the report and the format of all of these would be identical. Is it possible to use a word template repeatedly in one document to do this? I've looked at the tutorial on using a word template and the labview toolkit but this assumes each datum to be inserted has a unique bookmark name in the document.


Thanks for any help


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I have done this with Excel not Word.

I created an Excel file with one sheet instead of the default three sheets, and make that sheet the Master.

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How are you going to insert the data into the template without using the bookmark names? The bookmarks indicate the location that the data is going to be inserted. You could create a template that is multiple pages long and on each page is an identical template, with bookmark names like "voltageinput1", "voltageoutput1" on page one, and  "voltageinput2", "voltageoutput2" on page two, etc.


Alternately you could try using ActiveX for Word. You can use the Word Get ActiveX to gain access to the various objects that you can manipulate in ActiveX. You can do just about anything with ActiveX and Word, which makes it much more complicated as well.

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