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Multiple License for different Labview version

A coworker is trying to tell me that he read somewhere on the NI forums or knowledge base that with a multiple license it is possible to use

the maximum number of licenses on EACH version of Labview.  That is, if there are 5 licenses available that there could be 5 copies of 8.5 and 5 copies of 9.0, etc. available for concurrent use.  That seems pretty unlikely to me.  Can someone clarify? 

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It is my understanding that if you purchase LabVIEW 10 that you can have any previous version of LabVIEW on your computer. You still need to abide by the licensing agreement. Only one developer for that license.

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What kind of license do you have? This page lists the types of license and what you are allowed to do:

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How do I know what type of license I have?  I think I have "Computer-Based License" but I'm not sure.  

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Hi Over_Nyquest,

If you have a single license then the different license types are the different options you have for using the software. So, you could use your single license as a "Computer-Based License" and only activate it on one computer for multiple people to have access to. The other option you have is to use it as a "Named-User License" and install it on 3 computers in different locations for your use. For instance, you could install it on your personal PC/laptop, your office computer, and your labroom computer. This is designed for your use only and will allow you to use LabVIEW at different locations during the day.

-Jake B.

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Hi Jake


When I started my Job, my computer "Engineering_Computer_Number7", already had LabView installed and running.  Dose this mean the option has already been chosen?  If so is there a way to change it?  Is there a way to know what was chosen?




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