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Multiple Boolean Indicators

To start off I'll say this problem is most likely very trivial and simple for all of you...
I currently have a VI (with a lot of help from Dennis) that is nearly complete.  To finish it up I need help getting multple (6) boolean indicators rather than just the one I have now.  Each of these indicators are needed to let me know whether or not a lens Passes or Fails.  Passing lenses have a percentage greater or equal to 88 percent, and a failing lens is less than 88 percent.  To be specific and elaborate, out of 6 files, if two of the lenses fail, then I need the 4 indicators to display Pass for the good lenses, and the other 2 to display Fail for the bad lens.  I searched for help in previous threads on this topic and used a Bundle function to a Cluster to Array function, but only received errors.
Thank you in advance for any help,
Attached is the VI and two text files.
*The legend might be a little screwed up with the display because the file paths are different.  I work on this project on a different computer and have to bring it here if I want to access the internet.*
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I don't see where your VI got attached.  Without it, I'm having trouble understanding your question.
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This computer is semi - broken/disfunctional/aggravating
Here they are...
Download All
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Stop what you are doing. You should really take a LabVIEW class or tutorial before you do any more coding. When you wire up the comparison to the array, you compare each element in the array to be greater than 88 and then that gives you an array of Booleans. There is also no reason to repeat the code multiple times in the loop. A single comparison will work just fine. You just have to wire the single comparison like it was before, out of the for loop. This will give you an array of Booleans. The number of elements in the array will match the number of files you are comparing.
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That's the problem.  I am currently in class for this stuff, but my internship is about one step ahead of me and demands things I learn a week later.  I'm doing the best I can Smiley Indifferent  Not to mention in the class we are learning "Pointless Programming" with message pop ups and some other odd functions.
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Ah, now I understand. I've been in places where the interns are expected to know everything at the beginning. Don't worry, the forum will continue to help as long as you ask questions.
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I finally finished the Transmission Percentage VI and I figured I would load it up so you could take a final look at it Dennis, considering you account for 80% of it.
My next step, attaching it as a SubVI and programming an entire ASCII sequence so it can do what it does all on its own Smiley Happy
~Wish me luck~
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