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Missing right parenthesis help (they all seem to be there)

I am using a formula node for the quadratic equation.  I can not find where the parenthesis is missing. Every time I add one where it says the error is it doesn't do away.  Any suggestions?

Labview help.png


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(Next time, please attach a VI instead of a picture.)


Shouldn't there be a multiply between the ")("?

(There are quite a few more multiply operations missing. Find them!)


(... besides, you would not have this problem if you would use normal graphical programming instead of text nodes 😄 Try it!)

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Try replacing the ** with something else.

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@natasftw wrote:

Try replacing the ** with something else.

The ** is one of the very few things that is correct here. 😄

(you might be thinking of the formula parser VIs, see here.)


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@altenbach wrote:

The ** is one of the very few things that is correct here. 😄

Very true.  I just got super confused by the parenthesis in the OP's formula node.  There is such a thing as too many as it will start to cause confusion.  My advice here would be to remove all of the parenthesis and reexamine your groupings.


This is one of the places I, personally, actually find the formula a little easier to understand.  Any more than a few nodes for the math and I start losing track of the formula being built up.  Documentation becomes essential.

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The only thing missing seems to be the sign between the paranthesis pairs. Since it's so normal to imply multiplication by just writing paranthesis together, just like stacking variables you'd assume/hope that'd work.


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@Yamaeda wrote:

The only thing missing seems to be the sign between the paranthesis pairs..

Also have a look at e.g. "4ac" or "1/2a" 😮

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