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Missing NI Vision Module warnings, even after installing NI Vision



I get the following warning when loading my project:


"NI Vision Development Module Support for LabVIEW 2015 is missing and is referenced by the following VIs:"


I have installed LabVIEW 2015 SP1 and NI Vision Development Module 2015 SP1. Both are activated as indicated by the NI License manager (see attached image). 


I don't know why this warning appears after I have installed the correct module. I am trying to open a project developed by a previous employee in LabVIEW 2013. There were numerous other warnings and errors which I was able to correct simply by installing the required modules and packages. 


Can anyone help me debug the issue further? I will be happy to provide additional information about my situation or system. 



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Did you by any chance install the Vision Development Module first? (Before LabVIEW 2015). Even if you installed it second, I would just re-install the Vision Development and triple check that "support for development" (or something along those lines) is checked when you install it.

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I installed LabVIEW 2015 before installing NI Vision Development module. I will uninstall and re-install NI Vision Development module and pay close attention to the installation options and will post the results. Thanks for the suggestion. 

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I have uninstalled and reinstalled the NI Vision Development Module and NI Vision Acquisition Software, but it didn't help. I still receive the same warning. 

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A few questions.  

  • What are you doing when you get this error?  Is it when you start LabVIEW, open your Project, load a VI into memory, hit the "Run" button, or what?
  • Have you installed the Vision Device Drivers?
  • Do you see any Cameras in MAX?  Can MAX "see" any cameras?  [These are not exactly the same question ...].
  • Do you think it would help us to help you if we saw your code?  [Note that if you do post your code, attach the actual VI, please].

For what it is worth, I've got LV 2015 SP1 with Vision 2015 SP1 working fine on my machines ...


Bob Schor

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If you start a new project with a blank vi, do you have the NI Vision plattet? 

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I have fixed the NI Vision warnings that I was having before. Unfortunately, I performed several package installations before loading the project again so I can't say which fixed the issue. To answer your questions anyways:


I received the warning when I opened my project. It showed up in the "Load and Save Warning List" window. 

I do not know if the "Vision Device Drivers" are installed. I haven't been prompted to install any vision device drivers thus far. 

No cameras in MAX. The project I'm opening shouldn't be using any cameras, which is why I thought it was strange that I was getting a warning regarding NI Vision. 

Since the issue has been resolved, I don't think I'll need to upload any code. I don't believe my company policy allows me to do so anyways. 


Thank you for your suggestions. Im glad the issue was resolved, but it is a bit frustrating that I don't know what the fix was. Basically I found a folder on the company drive that containted several packages. So I installed them all and after that was able to open the project without any warnings. I will now try to build, hopefully that goes smoothly. FYI this is my first experience with LabVIEW, which might help explain my lack of knowledge about the problem and what fixed it. 

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I am having the same problem and am having no luck with a solution thus far. NI-MAX even recognized the driver as being there but when I go to run a specific VI, requiring the "Vision Development Module support for labview 2015" it gives me this warning.  Any other ideas what I'm missing?

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If you open an new VI do you have a Vision and Motion palette on your block diagram? If you take a screenshot of that palette we should be able to figure out whether LabVIEW thinks the toolkit is there.


Also in Build, what specifically is the function that is missing?

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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Looks like they Vision and Motion are there.  


Not sure the Specific function or where to find that.  This is some of my first labVIEW exposure still sorry.  I added a snip of the warning after trying to open it.  



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