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Minimal Runtime Engine Installer for LV2013 Executables

Hey Folks-


So I put this real simple little app together for a co worker to keep track of his hours and I built it into an exe only to then find out that there have been changes regardnig the minimal installer for the LVRT engine with newer versions...  


as per this link:


"The Web Browser Plug-in is a smaller download intended for viewing VIs embedded in a web page.  It does not contain the full run-time engine and is not recommended for running executables."


Can someone elaborate on this?  The little app I made doesnt use much in LV, do I really need to get him to run the 250MB+ installer on his machine just to run this little app?


Thanks for any info



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There really have not been any changes since the f runtime was introduced. It has gotten bigger of course but the full runtime is what is guaranteed to work and had always been the recommended install. The small runtime was made available after remote panels was introduced and may or may not work and that has always been true for this version of the runtime.
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