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Microwave function generator design

I am a final year ECE student I want to know how to design a high frequency microwave function generator using the labview. Pl. help me in this. It may help me in proceeding my final project..

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LabVIEW is a programming language.  It can do anything, but its specialty is its ease in communicating with real world devices.  But it doesn't have any means of designing a "microwave function generator".


What are you really trying to do?  Are you sure you should be trying to use LabVIEW to do it?


What is an "ECE" student?

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ECE is often Electrical and Computer Engineering. It is the only kind of engineering field of study which would expect LV to design a microwave function generator (whatever that is).



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I suspect that you are confusing LabVIEW with Multisim. It's a schematic capture and simulation program. It has its own board.
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