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New-ish user to Labview and new to the forum. I've been tasked to integrate a 3D tracking camera (Claron MicronTracker) with Labview, and the guy that worked my position before me already has a good amount of the groundwork done already. Currently, the code can initialize the camera, stream and record data into Labview but is very unstable, where it crashes in subsequent runs, or even the first run some days. The purpose of the VI is for us to cycle a motor, eventually a series of motors, to test joints in fatigue and take positional data while we do it.


I'll upload the VI here but I was wondering if there are any users who have tried implementing the Claron MicronTracker cameras in Labview and what degrees of success they've found or any advice they have. I'm using the Hx60 model.


Thanks in advance for you replies.

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I realized that I forget to attach the subVIs, sorry about that. 

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