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Measuring Temperature

Hello there !

I am a real LabView beginner. I have several temperature probes
(Pico Tech) and a AD converter (serial). I can read the temperature inputs
with the software provided with the probes but am unable to read
them under LV. What can I do ? Are there any ready Vls ?


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You can download free drivers from This should get you started.
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Thank you very much.
I downloaded everything and it seems to be exactly what I needed.
Still, the vi is not executable, it displays the following error message

"The function name specified for this node cannot be found in the library.
Right-click the Call Library Function node and select Configure, then
choose the correct function name."

The library exists, I looked it up. It's the pt10432.dll library inside the examples
folder. It should call the "pt104_labview" function, which apparently it's not
able to do.

I have LV 8.0, maybe it is a compatibility problem ?
Thanks in advance for your help,

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Not sure. I have a TC-08 from them and the drivers worked just fine.
Can you attach the drivers file you downloaded? I could have a look at here. I don't have the device so I could only go so far but a few educated guesses might be in order.
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Here are the attached files. (the bugging library and the vi requesting it)
Thanks for your help.
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sorry, he doesn't want the .dll file to be attached
here it is unter .xls
I don't know if it helps.
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I would like to install what you downloaded from the Pico website. Did you download a .exe installer or .zip file? If so can you attach that.
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Double click the Call Library Function Node to get this
Just make sure Library Name Or Path is where the .dll is stored on disk in the location you installed it. If its not click on the browse button to update to the correct path.
Hopefully everything will be OK once you have done that.

Message Edited by David Crawford on 06-27-2006 02:34 PM

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I checked it, it was already ok.
It tells me the function cannot
be found in the library.

He doesn t accept exe files
either, I cannot attach the install
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OK. I will get it from the website direct. I might be able to work it out from the driver file name but what model are you using?

It does seem strange that CLFN asks for a function not available in the DLL. Ultimately it might be a question for Pico Tech Support.

Give me 10 mins to do  the download and have a look at it. I will be right back....


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