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Múltiple Charts Programming

Help everyone somebody can help me with one VI we need to do a VI where i can select de number of channel or inputs from the front panel and this parameter is to select the number of waveform charts for example if i put 2 channels or inputs i see 2 waveform charts and if i put 4 channels or inputs i will see 4 waveform charts please help me with this VI
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Give it a try (start with one, or two), show us your code, tell us what you think you should do, go ahead and try it, and if it still doesn't work, post your code and we will help.


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob thanks for you soon answer, im a begginer in Labview could give me a clue how to do it. I do VI simples but now i try to do it but i dont have any idea i suspect that i need some array of charts but i dont know
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You could try individual charts, and control the visibility of each one depending on how many you need at the time.

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Attached code below hope it helped you to find out multi plot graphs... Smiley Happy

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