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Low pass filter for PXIe-6363 and PXIe-6368

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How do i set up a low pass filter for the 6363 board? How do I even begin?

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Accepted by topic author Its_a_trap

Many DAQ boards do not offer an internal lowpass filter.  One of the most important reasons to need a pre-A/D filter is for anti-aliasing.  If your signal has frequency content above your Nyquist frequency (1/2 your sample rate), that content will want to spill / bleed into your real measurements.


When your board doesn't offer internal filtering, and IF your signal has such high-freq content, it's vital to add hardware signal filtering in front of the A/D.  An RC filter is simplest, not the most effective, but sometimes sufficient.  Many other options are available.



-Kevin P


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