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Log input and ouput CAN frames with NI-XNET

Dear all,

I am using a NI cRIO 9035 with an NI 9862 module. My goal is to use the CAN module to send/receive messages and monitor the communication in the bus.

Monitor received data is easy but I don't how to monitor sent data. The idea will be to save the real frames that are on the bus (the one received and the one sent) but I haven't manage to do it so far. Probably it is not possible and the only way is to mount an additional NI 9862 module to monitor them from a different interface. If so, I will be quite disapointed since these modules are expensive and I will have one less space available for other modules in my cRIO.

I would appreciate any help on that.

Thank you,


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Sure this is pretty easy to do, you just need to enable Echo frames.  Then every frame sent out will also be echo'ed back on the read with a boolean set telling you the frame is actually one your hardware sent.


You may want to look at Part 7 of my CAN blog which talks about File I/O and gives examples on how to log raw CAN frames and read them out of a TDMS file.  You may also want to log them into a BLF file so that Vector tools like CANalyzer can open them and do data processing.  This is also mentioned with examples in that blog post.

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