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Linux cRIO 9045 Abruptly Stops Running Application, Stops Responding

I am running an application on a 9045 cRIO that uses a framework similar to the Actor Framework. The application runs good on memory and cpu. There have been what seems to be almost random instances where the application abruptly stops executing and the cRIO itself stops responding. I have logic that blinks the user LED once a second and it stops blinking. The cRIO doesn't respond to ping requests. The FPGA does continue to run, as expected. The local display itself also does not respond to mouse or keyboard events.  I have tried to look for any diagnostic information on the OS side that could give me some direction as to what exactly is happening, but there are no events at the time of the crash.


Besides the error logs located at /var/local/natinst/logs/, are there any locations or diagnostic tools I can use to pinpoint what is happening?

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