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Link to Pane Cluster

I have a VI where there is a Start Test Control which is updated via a lot of Property nodes scattered about.

I created a Cluster from a Type Def that contains a "Start Test" among other items that I would like migrate these Property nodes to. 

I can manually go to "Start Test" and right click Find Property Nodes and then it provides me a list of property nodes. I am able to manually go to each of these and right click them and go to "Link to" >> Pane >> Cluster >> "Start Test".


This allows me to delete the original Start Test Control. I am looking for a better or faster way to do this, since I have a cluster with multiple other Controls I am migrating. 


Any help automating this would greatly help me in my refactoring effort.


Thank You,


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Reconsider your architecture. You shouldn't need to have property nodes throughout your code. A more appropriate design would have all of the UI related stuff in one area and it would include a queue (or some type of messaging construct) and then all those areas using the property nodes would instead send a message to your UI task to start. Systems become very difficult to maintain, enhance and debug when you have tightly coupled modules. If the UI elements are scattered throughout your code you have a tightly coupled system.


Should you decide to continue doing it this way then I think you would have to look at scripting in in order to do this.

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