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Link hwnd window handle to Front Panel monitor index

Hi all,


I am using a multiple monitor setup with TestStand/Labview programs. Depending on the monitor space i need or other things i am doing, i place the TestStand window on one of my monitors. Labview front panels however allways display at the primary monitor. I would like them to display at the same monitor where TestStand is running.


I found that i can set the monitor where the labview front panel is displayed by setting the FP.Monitor property of the vi.


I also found that i can detect the monitor where TestStand is displayed by putting its window handle (hwnd from RunState.Engine.AppMainHwnd) in the user32.dll function "MonitorFromWindow". This returns a monitor handle (HMONITOR). This handle changes when i move the Teststand window from one monitor (value 65539) to another (value 65537).


With the monitor handle i can retreive a "MONITORINFO" struct using the "GetMonitorInfo" function. I cant find a number or index in this struct indicating which monitor it describes. How can i link the monitor handle to the corresponding FP.Monitor value?


Thanks in advance,


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